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The Roman jurists contributed much to jurisprudence development, the interpretation of law principles. Initially they acted as sui generis advisers. Before venturing on any serious deed: to sell or buy land, register a loan - any Roman citizen used to go to a jurist.

According to Cicero the work of jurists was expressed in three forms:
  • drafting of example forms for different juridical acts;
  • consunting on complex issues;
  • advice on procedural issues.
Most of our lawyers have a long experience at the Judicial system of Russian Federation, law-enforcement, regulatory, government authorities as well as dealing with major international firms. The broad experience and the expert knowledge enable us to analyze the situation several moves ahead thus making the most out of it for the client at the minimum cost.

We mainly focus on defending the interests of legal entities at the State Arbitrazh Courts of Russian Federation, Arbitration Tribunals of Russian Federation, Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce as well as Civil Law, Land law, Administrative Law, Customs Law, Corporate and Tax Law, Real Estate and Land deals, consulting on business activities of legal entities, subscriber’s legal assistance and support of business.

The company successfully defends the interests of both legal entities and individuals at courts of general jurisdiction. The law firm provides a full range of legal services in many areas of law and regulation. These include Land Law, Employment Law, Civil Law, protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

Best Advice lawyers speak English and French fluently. This allows us to estimate the situation quickly and promptly. We meet the needs of your business and offer the solutions comprising a full set of necessary procedural documentation.

There are lots of different size companies among our clients, some of whom partially owned by the state.

We have long-term partnership relations with loyal individual customers: businessmen, civil servants and citizens of foreign states such as France, the UK, The USA, Switzerland, Italy and others.

We assist in all areas of pre-trial resolution of a problem, all stages of the judicial process and control over the court enforcement proceedings.

The cornerstone of our work is the maintenance of stable long-term relations with our clients based on the principles of mutual trust, proficiency, individual approach to each customer, responsibility and confidentiality. We are for the personal responsibility that’s why you will be assisted by a particular lawyer who will constantly be in charge of your case progress and will do his best for successful resolution of your problem.

The law arms us with all necessary leverages and tools to manage the situation allowing us to implement them skillfully, timely and expertly.

The motto of the company - PRAESTAT CAUTELA QUARN MEDELA - Caution better than healing!